Your gift matters! Because you choose to give to Blue Monarch, we can provide life-changing opportunities for women and children who desperately need a new start at life. You can also give in honor or in memory of a loved one, simply fill out the online form above, and choose "One Time" under the Frequency tab. 


Want to support Blue Monarch monthly? It’s easy! You can bill your credit/debit card every month, by selecting how often you would like to give, once-a-month, quarterly, etc, or you can set up an automatic bank draft. To set up an automatic bank draft, you can simply call Blue Monarch at 931-924-8900 or call your bank and they can set it up for you.  We can also send you monthly remittance envelopes if you prefer to give by check. Blue Monarch treasures our monthly givers because it allows us to better plan for our future, and expand our services to current and future residents. 


Blue Monarch welcomes In-Kind Gifts and donations. For more information on specific gifts, please contact Christy Venable at 931-924-8900 or Blue Monarch is always in need of various paper products and other items. Please click the ITEMS button, to see where our need is greatest. 


By sponsoring Blue Monarch, you join others in taking a stand against addiction and abuse. We look to companies like yours, who value giving back to the communities around them, and seek different ways to partner together. We would love to add your company’s logo to our growing list of sponsors. The logo will be placed on our website, our social media pages, and all promotional materials, and the best part is that your gift will be tax-deductible. You can make a difference with your gift, and we want to show you how. Please call Kate Suttles at 931-924-8900 or email Kate by clicking the link below.