Susan Binkley

Susan Binkley

How We Got Started

Blue Monarch opened its doors in 2003. But it really began years before that.

One night in the fall of 1995 Susan Binkley had a powerful dream that described in great detail how one might put together a program like Blue Monarch. At the time Susan realized this dream was like no other, but she didn’t understand the significance of it until years later when the dream miraculously came together in real life.

Blue Monarch is peacefully located near Monteagle mountain in Middle Tennessee. Through the generosity of Madeline and Howell Adams, who believed in Susan’s vision, Blue Monarch was able to purchase a 50-acre farm property that was previously a bed and breakfast. It came completely furnished and provided everything needed to immediately begin serving women and children in the area who were looking for a new start.

Since 2003 Blue Monarch has served over 775 women and children from across the entire state of Tennessee and beyond the state line. Through the years the program has developed into an intensive self-help program providing priceless opportunities for women to learn an entirely new way of life, overcome generations of addiction and abuse, develop a personal relationship with God, and effectively become healthier parents to their children.

Blue Monarch has gained a reputation for providing a robust learning platform for women to become better parents in order to regain custody of their children. Since 2003 over 265 children have been able to reestablish a relationship with their mothers who had previously lost custody.

On-site counseling, hands-on parenting coaching, daily spiritual development, and a rich children’s program have developed Blue Monarch into a unique, life-changing opportunity – not only for the courageous women who come, but also for every precious child that crosses the threshold.